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Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is an action-adventure game developed by Vicious Cycle Software. It is the fourth Adventure Time video game, and the second published by Little Orbit. The game was first announced on April 21, 2015. The game is based loosely off of the sixth season of the show, and features "exploring, investigating, and puzzle-solving."[2]


Finn and Jake "found" Joshua and Margaret's tool, that gives them messages about criminal cases of Land of Ooo. After another one of messages, Finn and Jake go to crime scene to find the truth and punish criminals.






The main item is Jake, who can help you get to places by stretch. You also have a sword you can swap with other swords. You can also pick up stuff that are useful. If there is a plus sign on that item, you can combine them to make something useful.


  • Scarlet - It's power is to turn 4D, each hit during the duration deals damage to all non-defeated enemies on screen.
  • Root sword - It's power entangles all enemies on screen in roots, stunning them in place temperarily.
  • Pink Jewel Sword(Aromatherapy sword) - It's ability causes giant Pink Jewels to fall from the sky for a short time, damaging whatever enemies the jewels hit.
  • Lightning Sword - It's power is that each hit causes lightning to chain to other enemies (Similar to Scarlet's power)
  • Sword of the Dead - It's power makes the next enemy you hit an ally until other enemies defeat it, or until combat is over. (Can have multiple enemies under this effect at a time)


  • Sweet Sweet Magic
  • Lumpy Ice Princess
  • Sour Notes
  • Everything Must Go!!
  • Artifact Checking (pre-order)
  • Album (Re)Cover


The player can move Finn with the left analog stick whilst Jake follows behind . Pick up stuff and talk to people using the interact button. Make Finn run with the button on the top. Fight bad guys with your sword with the fight button; you can pick a Jake form to easily attack them.


The game, unlike the first three games, utilizes 3D animation. Finn and Jake must solve five investigations across the land of Ooo. Players can help out Finn and Jake's friends to help out on evidence, secrets, and mysteries, all under Finn and Jake Investigations.

Downloadable content featured is the bonus level Artifact Checking, featuring Marceline.



  • I See You- Use the telescope in the boat to look at three different kingdoms.
  • Home Sweet Home- Visit every area in and around the tree house.
  • Stretch Goals- Use all four Jake combat forms at least once in the game.
  • Combo Time- Perforn a 15-hit combo in combat without being hit.
  • Wrong number- Dial 10 wrong numbers on the pay phone.
  • Radio Starchie- Listen to all of the radio broadcasts in the Tree House bedroom.
  • Snail's Pace- Locate and interact with 15 snails.
  • Flimpin' The Diode- Correctly guess the Grayble theme.


  • Cake Plate Quest- Free Abracadaniel from jail.
  • Wizards Only, Fools- Find a way to get into the wizard "party."
  • Sweet, Sweet Magic- Defeat the wizards and free the kidnapped Candy People.
  • Hairy Beast-Find the hairy beast that has been wreaking havoc.
  • New to Ooo- Say hello to the new character in Ooo.
  • Lump Support- Fix all of the noble deeds that were done incorrectly.
  • Long Live The (Ice) King- Put the king back in charge of his kingdom.
  • Dance OFF- Find a cure for the dancing epidemic.
  • Sound Sword Quests- Find the missing Sound Sword.
  • Acceptable Ending- Defeat Magic Man's latest jerky plan.
  • Wet Willie- Find out why the Fire Kingdom's flames are going out.
  • Cracked- Escape from the dungeon below Billy's Cave.
  • Nothung To Lose- Find the last of the artifacts and seal Billy's Cave.
  • Record Loss- Gather the equipment needed to re-record Finn's record.
  • Band Together- Convince Finn's friends to join the band.
  • Real To Reel- Put Finn's favorite song back onto the record album.


It has a score of 66% on Metacritic. Nintendo Life awarded it a score of 7 out of 10, saying, "While it might prove too basic for more advanced players, younger players and families should have a fun time questing with dog and human. Big fans of the show, of course, should not feel so afraid to give this one a try, either." Nintendo World Report awarded it a score of 7 out of 10, saying, "By default, I feel as if this is the best Adventure Time video game so far. It's not perfect, and it's a little on the easy side, but as an Adventure Time fan, it made me smile."

Design an Adventure Time Video Game Character Contest[]

In mid-2015, Little Orbit held a design contest for one lucky person's character design to debut in the game. The 20 top finalists include:

  • Wizbot: A wizard, whom due to a spell gone wrong, is half-robot.
  • Kati: A lost eraser who needs looks for her pencil. Also can't remember anything.
  • Princess Porcelain: Rules over the Wig Kingdom.
  • Madame Baklava: A lonely old grumpy woman. Under her crusty exterior, however, she's sweet as honey.
  • Candy Cane Kraken: A foul monster that eats candy people for a living.
  • Dark Knight: A bar of pure dark chocolate whom is loyal to whoever he serves.
  • Lady Knight: The spirit of a knight who lives in a pumpkin shell.
  • Glitter Time (bomb) Girl: Seems harmless and cute with her hat on, but explosive when her hair is exposed.

The winner was announced on the Little Orbit Facebook page later in 2015.


  • This is the first Adventure Time video game to feature fully 3D graphics.
  • This is the first Adventure Time video game to ever feature a fan-designed character.
  • This is the first Adventure Time game to have a release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • Huntress Wizard is voiced by Olivia Olson, who also voices Marceline in this game.