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Adventure Time: Come Along With Me (Original Soundtrack) is an album featuring the music of Adventure Time's series finale "Come Along With Me". It was released digitally on 4 September 2018, the day following the premiere of the finale. The album is a total of 23 minutes in length with 23 tracks, and is largely made up of background instrumental pieces.

It was also released as an LP vinyl record by Mondo in November 2018. The vinyl is colored blue and yellow.[1]


  1. Come Along With Me Main Title (feat. Willow)
  2. You and Your Brain
  3. Climb Time
  4. Memory Strings
  5. A Bad Omen
  6. War Chant
  7. Mind Matters
  8. Imagination a Dream (feat. Bettie Ward)
  9. Gum Shoes
  10. In Our Minds
  11. Kingdom Gum
  12. Nightmare Hangover
  13. March on the Monsters
  14. Nothing Was Real
  15. Drooly Dread
  16. Bubbling
  17. Last Defense
  18. Out of Home
  19. Time Adventure
  20. Sun Cycles
  21. Clouds
  22. Island Song (Come Along With Me) [feat. Ashley Eriksson]
  23. Waving to You


  • "Time Adventure" was played live at the San Diego Comic Con Adventure Time panel in 2018 by Rebecca Sugar.


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