The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Candy Capers Issue 5 is the fifth issue in the comic mini-series starring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun in a crime noir caper. It was written by Yuko Ono, Ananth Panagariya and drawn by Ian McGinty.


"This ADVENTURE TIME whodunit continues with hilarious team-ups no one is expecting as Ooo searches for it’s newest hero, but is Peppermint Butler any closer to figuring out what happened to Finn and Jake? Each issue is great for fans by itself but for series readers, it’ll only be a matter of time before the truth finally comes out."


Following Choose Goose's lead on where he found Finn's Demon Blood Sword, Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun go to a beach, but they can't find anything. A hooded strangers sneaks behind Peppermint Butler and whispers "the treasure you seek lies below... at ocean's height" in his ear before disappearing right before Cinnamon Bun finds a deep hole in the ground. Cinnamon Bun notices that Peppermint Butler is wearing a seashell and Peppermint Butler is angrily realizes that the stranger stole his badge and jumps in the hole and reveals a secret passage.

As the two walk through the passages they come across another Cinnamon Bun. Peppermint Butler is prepared to kill them both and sort it out in the Land of the Dead but their screams make him decide to just ask a question only the real one can answer. He asks who Cinnamon Bun's favorite author is and stabs the one who gives an answer as the real Cinnamon Bun can't read. The fake Cinnamon Bun turns into snakes and skulls and two continue their trek.

A giant water snake comes from behind them and the cavern's flooding carries them to the treasure cave at the hole's bottom where they meet the the beautiful wizard who stole Peppermint Butler's badge. When questioned, the wizard explains that he stole Finn's Demon Blood Sword after he caught Finn and Jake collecting the shiniest stuff on the beach and enchanted some driftwood to look the the sword to switch it with. He got rid of it because the sword didn't match his hair color; however, he didn't kidnap Finn and Jake. Peppermint Butler enraged that they've been on a wild goose chase this whole time, uses dark magic to destroy the magic seashell the wizard's wearing, turning him into a fish.

Later, Peppermint Butler informs Princess Bubblegum of the investigation's failure.

Lair of the Vault King

Continuing from the previous story, Peppermint Butler is working on his dark magic plans as Princess Bubblegum approaches him with a new task. She sends him to the lair of the Vault King, a maze with security so tight that Peppermint Butler believes that Finn and Jake are in it. Peppermint Butler needs to assemble a team of top notch specialists to enter the lair, but no one returns his calls so he's force to settle on various people he knows and the people he met during his investigation. After they fight their way to the center, it's revealed that the Vault King is a dry cleaning former bad guy and Princess Bubblegum sent them there to pick up her laundry. Enraged that every lead had so far has been a dead end, Peppermint Butler proclaims that he will find Finn and Jake his way. The Vault King offers the stressed butler a discount on his laundry and Peppermint Butler and company decide to have there clothes cleaned there.


Lair of the Vault King



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