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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Candy Capers Issue 4 is the forth issue in the comic mini-series starring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun in a crime noir caper. It will be written by Yuko Ono, Ananth Panagariya and drawn by Ian McGinty.


It looks like something crazy is happening in Ooo…crazier that usual that is. Will the next pair of heroes-in-training be able to handle it? Or is this part of something great? Now, if only Peppermint Butler could figure out what happened to Finn and Jake…before Cinnamon Bun tries to help AGAIN.


Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun go to a marketplace where Choose Goose is having a clearance yard sale. Peppermint Butler has traced the sale of Finn's Demon Blood Sword here and asks Choose Goose where he got it but Choose Goose believes in client confidentiality and will only tell if they do him a favor. He wants them to infiltrate Casino Castle and spy around for reasons he keeps to himself.

At Casino Castle, Peppermint Butler attempts to gamble but is dragged to the back by security, who believe him to be Agent Princess. In the back, Peppermint Butler is shackled onto a giant roulette wheel by Bad Guy Magpie, the casino's owner who plans to kill him by placing him underneath a giant weight that will fall on him next time someone hit the jackpot, which Cinnamon Bun promptly does.

Luckily,Peppermint Butler is saved by the real Agent Princess who proclaims that the casino is rigged to cheat money from the gambler (when in fact, all that happen was she lost all her money gambling). Magpie reveals she already spent her money and Agent Princess reveals she has already rigged the casino to blow (when asked who gave her this mission, Agent Princess reveals she doing this out of vigilantism) and everyone rushes out of the building as the casino explodes (along Cinnamon Bun and his winnings, establishing that the casino was, in fact, legitimate). Peppermint Butler return to Choose Goose, who reveals that the Casino Castle insulted his rhyming and is happy it's been destroyed.

Later, Peppermint Butler recruits Ice King and Susan Strong as the kingdom's new heroes out of desperation. Ice King notices a dark magic symbol on the ground but Peppermint Butler tells him it's classified and to ignore it.

They're sent to handle a mean giant who stomped on a small village as their first job and Ice King tricks Susan into wearing an bunny hood and tells her "police name" will be "Fionna." Susan is annoyed that Ice King is trying to live out his fantasies through her. A goblin send to to a tree outside the village where they find the giant crying. The goblin is upset that the villagers think he stomped on their town even though he didn't (his feet are too small and delicate). As Ice King and Susan try to tell the village the news, it's revealed that the goblin was the one who smashed up the village with his giant feet. They try to apprehend him, but Susan gets too annoyed by Ice King's insistence on calling her Fionna and attacks him and their fight proceeds to destroy the village.

As public opinion of him falls to an all time low, Peppermint Butler fires Ice King and Susan and give up on the replacement hero plan. He decides he must find Finn and Jake is setting a dark magic back up plan if case he can't.




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