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The Adventure Time: 2015 Spoooktacular is a special comic centered around Marceline and what she's like before she became a vampire. The comic is also canonical to the "Stakes" miniseries. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 5 and "Marceline"


What’s to Love: There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a self-contained story about Marceline the Vampire Queen set during the… summer? Ah well, you get the idea! What’s even better is that this one-shot is written and illustrated by Hanna K., a storyboard artist for the Adventure Time animated series!

What It Is: If you’ve ever wondered what Marceline was like before she became a Vampire, here’s your chance to find out! In this oversized, self-contained tale that takes place before she was “turned” we learn more about Marceline’s backstory.[1]


The comic begins with Marceline, accompanied by Schwable roaming around the ruins of a post apocalyptic city where she last saw Simon. While searching for food, Marceline begins reminiscing the times she spent there with Simon and told Schwable how nice it was to have someone to talk to instead of someone who would just leave her with her "ding-dong dad." Schwable ran off sensing something while Marceline followed her, unknown to them that they were being watched. Schwable found several glowing orbs lying on the ground thinking that they were food, though Marceline told her they weren't and assured Schwable that she knows a place to find food. Rain begins to fall and Marceline sensed someone nearby, though she dismissed them as hallucination. Marceline and Schwable took shelter in an alley waiting the rain to stop, she begins to wonder why did she come here in the first place and that she should be chasing vampires instead of "ghosts."

The following day, the rain had stopped and the two continue their search for food. They found a food truck and tried to pry it open, but suddenly encounter a vampire swarm that emerged from the truck and were killed by the sunlight shortly after. Marceline examined their dust and identified them as vampire minions, she told Schwable it was best for her to stay out in the sun while she searched the truck for food. She found a stock of canned food, only to be surrounded by a tribe of humans. They told her to surrender the food in exchange for Schwable (who was playing around with the human children), though after seeing that they have children Marceline decided to cooperate. The tribe's leader, Gran, gave Marceline a can of tuna and thanked her for killing the vampires that were inhabiting the truck, revealed to be their food storage, though she is still somewhat hostile towards her. As agreed, Gran told the children to give Schwable back to Marceline, the children warned them about the "big boss-vampire" lurking nearby. Gran called away the children and the tribe heads back to their camp. Interested with the presence of a master vampire, Marceline decided to follow the tribe back to their camp.

Marceline and Schwable soon arrived at the tribe's encampment and ran into the children again. They were happy to see Schwable again and offered Marceline a can of tomato soup, much to her joy. The children introduced themselves as Twiggy and Rock and Marceline asked them about the "big boss-vampire" they mentioned earlier. Twiggy stated that the vampires reside in the woods and hills nearby, forcing the tribe to hide in the ruins. Some members of the tribe tried to leave, but were preyed upon by the vampires. With the sun setting, all the tribe members begin to take refuge, but Marceline decided to confront the vampires head on. Marceline spent hours searching for the vampires in the forest, but found no sign of them and decided to return to the encampment. Marceline asked Twiggy about the vampires absence, but soon discovered that the vampires have been following her all along and she unknowingly led them to the encampment. Marceline clashed with the vampires, but was soon overwhelmed by their sheer number. Marceline was saved by Twiggy, using pickled garlic to repel the vampires and the rising sun that scared off the vampires back into the woods. Twiggy scolded Marceline for recklessly endangering herself fighting the vampires, Marceline apologized and then passes out.

While passed out, Marceline dreams about her younger self being abandon by Simon and soon sees her current self warning her to go away or she'll get hurt. Marceline soon awakens with her wounds already been treated by Gran. Gran scolded her and that her actions have forced the tribe to move out and find another place to live. As the tribe prepares to leave, Twiggy asked Marceline of she was coming with them, though she stated that she's "busy." Twiggy called out her her reckless action and warned her that she'll be killed, Marceline ignored her warnings and continued to hunt the vampires with Schwable.

Having followed the dust trail left by the vampires from earlier, Marceline soon discovered the same glowing orbs from before and a cabin. She entered the cabin and meets a mysterious figure, who revealed herself as "The Moon" She was aware of Marceline being a vampire slayer, having been told by her "Fool of a brother," though Marceline (disturbed by The Moon's voice) revealed to her that she had killed "The Fool," though The Moon seems hesitant about it. Marceline charged at The Moon, but was stopped by her power. The Moon sent out her minions to kill her, but Marceline was able to kill all of them with her axe and then staked The Moon's heart. The stake had no effect on The Moon, revealing that she has healing powers. Marceline continued to attack The Moon, even though she continuously dodged her attacks. During the fight, Marceline reminisce how Twiggy was right about her recklessly rushing in during a fight, but stated that's how she was raised and "when you have a lot of power... don't really need smarts." She admitted that she has never been that smart, so she rush in, though she admitted that this was her weakness. After a long battle, Marceline falls down and seemingly surrenders to The Moon and accepts her fate. As The Moon prepares to drink Marceline's blood, she uses her soul absorbing ability her father taught her to absorb The Moon's power. Marceline vows to dust every single vampire on the planet and take care of her puppy. She then destroys the cabin's roof, exposing The Moon to sunlight and reduced her to dust. The cabin collapses, though Marceline was able to survive thanks to her newly acquired healing power. She and Schwable then wanders off into the wilderness together continuing on their journey.




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  • Twiggy's comment "They mostly come out at night. ...mostly" is a reference to Newt from Aliens.