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Adventure Time, Vol. 5 (Original Soundtrack) is the fifth and final compliation album of music from the Complete Series Soundtrack. It became available in digital music stores and streaming platforms on May 1, 2019, along with the rest of the five albums.  The album features instrumental music throughout the series, except for the Baby Finn song, by Casey James Basichis and Tim Kiefer.


1. "Holliday for Nuts"

2. "Gum Party"

3. "Up on Muffin Hill"

4. "A Beastly Condition"

5. "Beach Brawl Fantasy" (Extended)

6. "Baby Feelings"

7. "Slow Space"

8. "Old Stump Town"

9. "Time for Graybles"

10. "Words from the Forest"

11. "The Conductor"

12. "Walk into the Sun"

13. "Hiking Across Heartbreak"

14. "Frogiven"

15. "Grey"

16. "Nervous Flamez"

17. "Cooking is Fun"

18. "That Red Hot Dame Lorraine"

19. "Big Time"

20. "Adventure Friends"

21. "Oh What a Good Boy Am I"

22. "Real Heroes"

23. "Attack of the Candy Cannibals"

24. "Hairrevelation"

25. "Brick by Brick"

26. "Low G Rap Battle"

27. "Hardcore Will Never Digest (Original Teddybear Mix)"

28. "Vamp Vamp"

29. "Wish Upon a String"

30. "Space Transit"

31. "Thinking of Butts" (Extended)

32. "Don't Tell Dad"

33. "Ghost Buddy"

34. "Zombie Loop" (Extended)

35. "Goblin City Shuffle"

36. "On the Tail"

37. "Modern Comforts"

38. "Soy People"

39. "Getting a Call in the Woods"

40. "Really Big Sweaters"

41. "When a Brave Soldier Claps"

42. "They Set You Free"

43. "Give Me Tears"

44. "Club in the Clouds"

45. "Miniature Dancing Cats"

46. "The Cosmos in a Nacho"

47. "Hard Skipping"

48. "Werk Dat Belly" (Extended)

49. "Skool Bell Strut"

50. "Falling Isn't so Bad"

51. "Big Boy Coconuts"

52. "Surfing on Brain Waves"

53. "A Blip and a Bubble" (Extended)

54. "Train Chasers"

55. "Trunked Up"

56. "Buff Baby"

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