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Adventure Time, Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack) is the second compilation album of music from the Complete Series Soundtrack. It became available in digital music stores and streaming platforms on May 1, 2019, along with the rest of the five albums. 

The album features songs and backgound music from the later seasons by Casey James Basichis and Tim Kiefer.


1. "All Gummed Up / All Warmed Up"

2. "Wiz Buds"

3. "Three Nice Dudes"

4. "Dropdown Rainbow"

5. "Fixing a Truck"

6. "Rocky Road"

7. "Good Little Girl"

8. "Sleepy Puppies"

9. "Ice King and the Island Lady

10. "Go Dentist"

11. "Bacon Pancakes" (Extended)

12. "Real Power"

13. "Oh Bmo"

14. "Summer Swamp Boogie"

15. "Joshua's Final Message (Remix)"

16. "Melons"

17. "Parts Unknown"

18. "Fireproof Beat"

19. "Oh Bubblegum

20. "Simon's Tale"

21. "Political Rap"

22. "Remember You"

23. "Finn vs. Rap Bear"

24. "Poor Little Lemonhope"

25. "All I Need"

26. "Baby's Building a Tower into Space"

27. "Little Brother"

28. "A Kingdom from a Spark"

29. "Lonely Bones"

30. "Can't Get over You"

31. "Lemonhope's Got Feet"

32. "Love in the Darkness"

33. "Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen"

34. "Call to the Universe"

35. "Fallen Ally"

36. "Food Chain"

37. "Booboo Sousa"

38. "Like a Rock"

39. "To a Plant

40. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

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