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Adam A. Muto[citation needed] is a former storyboard artist, creative director, supervising director, supervising producer, and current showrunner and co-executive producer on Adventure Time. He has written and storyboarded numerous Adventure Time episodes, being partnered with Elizabeth Ito during season one and with Rebecca Sugar in seasons two and three. He once again starting doing occasional story boards in season six. He also created the Random Cartoons pilot SamSquatch.

Beginning with the season three episode "Marceline's Closet," he was credited as one of Adventure Time's creative directors.[1] Starting with the fifth season episode "Little Dude," he was promoted to supervising director. Starting with "Shh!" he was again promoted to supervising producer. In the latter part of season 5, starting with "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," he became a permanent member of the writing staff. It was also during Season 5 that he replaced Pendleton Ward as the series' showrunner.[2]

He also animated the end credits.[3]

Episodes worked on[]

Written and Storyboarded by[]

Story by[]

Supervising Director[]

  • "Jake the Dog"
  • "Little Dude"
  • "Vault of Bones"
  • "Simon and Marcy"
  • "Princess Potluck"
  • "James Baxter the Horse"
  • "Root Beer Guy"
  • "Betty" (with Nate Cash)
  • "Bad Timing"
  • "Billy's Bucket List" (with Nate Cash)
  • "Escape From The Citadel"
  • "Sad Face"
  • "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"
  • "Dark Purple"
  • "Hoots"
  • "Cherry Cream Soda"
  • "May I Come In?"
  • "King's Ransom"
  • "The Thin Yellow Line"
  • "Preboot"
  • "Abstract"


  • He used to have a Spring, where one could ask him questions, but it disappeared when became a dating website.
    • When he had a Spring, he discouraged using any of his answers there as references, since they were often written tongue-in-cheek.[citation needed]
  • He is 5' 9.5" (176.53 cm) tall.[citation needed]
  • In the "Finn Heads" set in the Adventure Time collection on flickr, there is a Finn face titled "finnmutoface."[4]
  • Before his promotion, Adam Muto had been a storyboard artist, writer and producer of Adventure Time.
  • In the opening sequence, a gingerbread Adam Muto can be seen when panning up the Candy Castle. In the gender swapped version, there is a gingerbread Rebecca Sugar in his place.


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