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A Princess Potluck is a scrapped episode of Adventure Time. The idea for this episode was later reused for the episode "Princess Potluck."


Ice King plans revenge when he thinks he isn't invited to the royal potluck.


All the royal families of Ooo get together to have a potluck picnic on the Grassy Plain with Finn and Jake. The Ice King gets steamed when he discovers there is a royal shindig going on without him. He flies over to spoil everyone's fun. The partygoers talk about how brave Finn is (to his embarrassment) while Ice King hides behind a log listening for any gossip about himself. Finn calls him a sourpuss. "A sourpuss, am I?" The Ice King lets loose a wave of lemon-headed kitties to ruin the picnic.

The lemon cats run amok. They upset tables and shred the picnic blankets. Finn and Jake wrangle up the lemon cats and squeeze some lemonade, foiling the Ice King's small time plans for revenge. Some lemon juice squirts into Finn's eye and he begins tearing up. Everyone attempts to console him. "I'm not crying! It's the JUICE!" he protests. Finn shies away from the crowd. The Ice King laughs hysterically at Finn's humiliation. Jake strolls over to the Ice King to have a heart-to-heart conversation. He explains that (1) he WAS invited to the picnic and (2) people would like him more if he wasn't such a patoot.

The Ice King sits quietly at one of the picnic tables and eats some peach salad. Everyone is proud of him for not being a patoot. He is welcomed with open arms. Then he tries to steal a kiss from Marceline. He's shouted down by all the picnickers and becomes enraged. The Ice King casts a spell that encases the picnic in a giant lime Jell-O. Finn and Jake are suspended like grapes. They slide across the grassland like a slimy glacier heading straight towards the fire pits of the Burning Lands! Their only option is to eat their way out but Jake and Finn have filled up on ambrosia salad. Jake turns to Finn, "There's ALWAYS room!" Jake inhales the entire Jell-O glacier just as they reach the precipice! The potluck guests cheer!

The Ice King refuses to admit defeat. He makes all the food come alive and run amok. Geez, that Ice King is a total Nutmeg Nancy. Finn and Jake tussle with the rebellious food. Princess Bubblegum ends hostilities, pointing out that the food is not evil, it's trying to make nice. She shakes hands with a donut. The picnic ends in a joyous dance with the animated food.[1]



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