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"A Kingdom from a Spark"[1] is a song sung in "The Cooler" by Flame Princess as she sings out in respect for the Sleeping Gods around her. In her song, the details of how the gods arrived and what they are described by her while Princess Bubblegum steals the energy out of the Gods.


There was a time before, when we were still...
Afraid of the dark
Then came the first spark, a fiery birth...
It totally rocked
Sentinels crashing down, out of the blue...
Creating a kingdom of red hue
Now there's only few...
These sleeping Gods of tremendous power...
Can cause a new kingdom to flower...
So burn as bright as the Sun
My fiery one
If light starts to dim
Awaken again
The slumbering ones...


  • This is Flame Princess' first song, and the only one that is sung instead of rapped.
  • At first, the song was supposed to be more of an ancient dwarven folk song, but the song ended up being too long and the tone wasn't correct for the episode.[2]

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