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The 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic is a tournament that Jake and his daughter Charlie participated in. The annual event was first seen in the episode "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", during its 59th run. The tournament's spectators are mostly Turtle People, with the Turtle Announcer providing commentary for the matches. The tournament goes by a point system, so one could draw a game with one team still being able to advance.

DDCW Oil Rig

The tournament's venue

The tourney takes place at an abandoned Oil Rig; the competitors and spectators' boats are seen docked around it before the tournament.


Image Contestant Description
Todd Todd Todd is a short, blue humanoid who resembles his partner. He has a chin beard, blonde hair, and wears a long pink shirt. He is seen signing in when Jake and Charlie enter the arena.
Jennings Jennings Jennings is a humanoid with an appearance similar to that of his teammate. He has a very prominent nose, wears a black hat, and a red one-piece suit. Neither he nor his partner are seen participating in a card wars game during the episode.
Benton Benton Benton is made almost entirely out of wood, such as a log and two hammers. However, he is still able to move, albeit rather stiffly. He is seen with Mike R. as Jake walks Charlie through the room, playing cards in a non-tournament match.
Mike R Mike R. Mike R. is possibly a Lumpy Space Person, as he possess all the characteristics of a member of that species. He is light blue in color, and has a patchy beard. He is seen teaching Benton appropriate card usage.
Luke Luke Luke is a yellow humanoid who sports a cannon in the middle of his torso. His attire - which is also yellow in color - has a lot of western influence, seemingly drawing inspiration from stereotypical cowboys.
Captain Majesty Captain Majesty Captain Majesty is a long, green lizard who wears a brown hat and a bandanna tied around his neck. Like his teammate Luke, he bears a strong resemblance to the stereotypical cowboy. He is seen with his partner near a wall as Jake and Charlie walk passed them.
Mr Outrageous Mr. Outrageous Mr. Outrageous is a tall, muscular creature who shares the "Mr." title with his teammate, Mr. International. He makes it to the semi-finals, but is eliminated due to Jake having more points.
Mr International Mr. International Mr. International is much smaller than his partner, and wears a red cape with gold trim. He possesses a bulbous red nose, and his body is salmon-colored, except for his hands, feet, face, and the insides of his ears, all of which are white. He and Mr. Outrageous are eliminated in the semi-finals.
Grand Prix apariencia Grand Prix Grand Prix is a large, white feline with gray hair and glasses with teal-colored frames. He used to play Card Wars with Jake, but quit due to Jake's temper. He and his wife are the reigning champions of annual Doubles Classic.
Moniker Moniker Moniker is a beige pony, the wife of Grand Prix, and the reigning Card Wars Champion. She used to date Jake, but they broke up - possibly because of Jake's temper.
Reggie Reggie Reggie is a sentient, anthropomorphic mushroom. He has a long thin mustache that extends down his face. His team lost to Jake and Charlie, Team Dignified, in the first round.
Pete the Punk Pete the Punk Pete is a green humanoid with similar apparel to The Hooligans Who Love Candles. He has a boastful and energetic personality. Team Dignified defeats Pete and Reggie in the first round.


Round 1[]

DDCW Round-1

The only battle seen during the first round is between Team Dignified, who is Jake and Charlie, and Reggie and Pete the Punk. The match begins with Jake flooping his Haybarn and sending his Hayman to attack. This move is countered by Bean Ball bomba, destroying his Haybarn, weakening his Hayman. Charlie ends the round by Infinite Hay Maker.


DDCW Semi-finals

Jake and "Charlie" play the semi-finals, with an unknown interval between the previous rounds. Due to Mr. International giving Jake a close game, Jake decides to force a draw, much to everyone else's disapproval. It is referred to as a "garbage win" from Turtle Announcer.


DDCW Finals

The Final for the 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic is played by Team Dignified against the reigning champions, Grand Prix and Moniker DeLuise. During an intense match, Grand Prix and Moniker come out victorious. Jake shows maturity shaking the victor's hand calling it a good game.


  • Despite being a tournament that matches together two teams at a time, there are only seven teams identified; however, it is unknown if there are any other teams competing.
  • Several unidentified characters can be seen in the overview (when Jake and Charlie first enter), and sitting at the surrounding tables during the first round. It is unknown whether or not they are contestants.