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$-Mart Investments is a location seen in the episode "Blenanas". It is an abandoned building only ever seen in the background, and is most certainly abandoned.


The building is a grey pre-war office tower, once housing an investment firm, with bluish-grey windows all over. It appears that there is access to the roof, based off of what appears to be a door, together with structures related to air-conditioning and ventilation. Only the upper 9 floors and the roof can be seen as the lower levels of the building have obscured by floodwaters, and the building has been tilted to one side. There are letters written on the windows that say "HELLO BLE?"


  • The words on the side of the building say "HELLO BLE?" suggesting that in the more immediate aftermath of the war, there were survivors present in the building who were attempting to make contact with anyone at Ble, unaware that they were already dead.
    • However, in a continuity error or oversight, the 'H' is erroneously replaced by a 'W' in some shots of the building.
  • The name "$-Mart" may be based on stores such as "Walmart" and "Kmart".
    • It could also be based around the word "smart", using a dollar sign as an S.
    • It could also be a reference to S-Mart from the Evil Dead franchise.