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"Пойдём со мной"
Сезон 10, Серия 13, 14, 15, 16
Come Along With Me title card
Премьера: 3 сентября 2018 года
Режиссер: Коул Санчез
Диана Лафиатис
История: Кент Осборн
Джек Пендарвис
Джулия Потт
Том Херпич
Стив Волфхард
Эшли Бёрч
Пендлтон Уорд
Адам Муто
Сценарий: Том Херпич
Стив Волфхард
Сомвилей Ксаяфон
Сео Ким
Алекс Сеннвальд
Ханна К. Нюстрём
Сэм Алден
Грэм Фальк
"Гамбалдия" (по сюжету)
"Алмазы и Лимоны" (де-факто)"
(Далёкие Земли)"

Давай пойдём со мной — тринадцатый эпизод в десятом сезоне, двести восьмидесятый и заключительный эпизод Времени Приключений. Финал сезона длинной в 4 классических 11-минутных эпизода шоу[1].


Двое искателей приключений в далёком будущем стремятся узнать больше о судьбе Ууу — БиМО повествует им о Великой Жвачной войне, в которой Принцесса Бубльгум, Финн, Джейк, Леди Радугарог, Марселин, Принцесса Пламя, Граф Лимонхват, Колдунья Охотница и ППК объединились, чтобы сразиться с Гамбалдом и его армией.


Интересные факты[]

Культурные отсылки[]

  • Структура повествования эпизода, когда историю пересказывают спустя долгое время после времени действия события, напоминает два других известных произведения художественной литературы:
    • Мультфильм компании Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1939 года Мир на Земле, который рассказывает о вымирании человечества после массовой войны, похожей на Жвачную Войну и происшествие с ГОЛБом, положивший конец этой войне.
    • Книга Доктора Сьюза Лоракс 1971 года, повествующая о массовой экологической катастрофе, связанной с уничтожением деревьев и надеждой на их пересадку для восстановления баланса; аналогично окончательной судьбе Фёрна, разрушению Деревянного Форта и "возвращению" Фёрна в качестве огромной ивы в финальной сцене.
  • В убежище БиМО, между дверью и окном, есть знак, который гласит "TRUST NO ONE" (НИКОМУ НЕ ДОВЕРЯТЬ), который является известной фразой из Дневника №3 из мультсериала "Гравити Фолз".

Связи эпизодов[]

Storyline analysis[]

  • In the introduction, before seeing the new fire elemental, what appears to be a large sculpture of the figure of Finn and Jake, collapsed on the valley. Near the sculptures lie the remains of some stones with what appear to be two incomplete words in which "FIN…" and "JER…" are read.
  • It is revealed that the crack in Simon's glasses wasn't a consequence of the Mushroom War, but simply of Betty throwing a jar of cherries.
  • According to Steve Wolfhard, every Elemental is "accounted for in the intro."
    • Ice Elemental: Patience St. Pim's ice-sphere can be seen in the Ice Thingdom.
    • Candy Elemental: Pink hands can be seen holding the bars of an ice-jail in the Ice Thingdom.
    • Fire Elemental: X, the new Fire Elemental, can be seen on a tank-like vehicle-fighting O.
    • Slime Elemental: O, the new Slime Elemental, can be seen taking shelter from X.
    • Lump Anti-Elemental: The new Lumpy Space Princess can be seen watching Shermy and Beth in the abandoned Candy Kingdom.
  • The nightmare sequence explored the interpersonal conflicts between Finn and Fern and Princess Bubblegum and Uncle Gumbald.
    • The sequence saw the roles of Princess Bubblegum and Uncle Gumbald switched. The first part was similar to the events of "Bonnibel Bubblegum" but it was Bubblegum threatening Gumbald with the dum dum juice as well as the one succumbing to its effects when Gumbald destroys its flask. It is also here where Gumbald assumes the role of "Princess Bubblegum" and builds up the Candy Kingdom, eventually becoming paranoid of its destruction and failure. 
    • Fern continues to insist his tormented situation in contrast to Finn but is offset when Jake unleashes their repressed fears. Fern reaches an understanding with Finn as he realizes that they have the same fears. With their newly fixed bond, they set out to free Fern from the Grass Sword Demon which he kills. Fern (Finn Sword Finn) is freed from the curse but without the Grass Demon, he no longer has a body and starts to wilt in the real world.
  • When Finn and Fern's vault opens, evil, grass demon versions of Princess Bubblegum, Martin Mertens, Susan Strong, and the Lich-possessed Billy emerge.
    • Martin likely represents Finn and Fern's fear of becoming him (via "Don't Look").
    • Princess Bubblegum could represent their embarrassment of their former romantic feelings for her.
    • The Lich-possessed Billy likely represents general fear of the Lich along with the sadness of losing Billy.
    • Susan might represent the "soul-searchiness" and "weirdness" of supposedly being the only human in the world.
  • Inside GOLB's stomach, due to digestion, Ice King was reverted back to Simon, Betty was reverted back to her sane self before the events of "You Forgot Your Floaties," and the Ice Crown was reverted back to its pre-wish state.
    • Since the Ice Crown was reverted to its pre-wish state, it was able to grant its first wearer its truest deepest, deepest wish. Betty wore, intending to wish GOLB away, but her truest wish was to protect Simon. GOLB and Betty were fused into one being and left Ooo through a portal.
    • The Ice Crown was quickly reverted back to its pre-wish state again after the new Betty infused GOLB left. It landed near Gunter, who was able to grab and wear it despite Jake's alarm. Gunter was then transformed into the Ice Thing, as his truest wish was to be like Ice King, similar to Gunther the dinosaur who wished to be like Urgence Evergreen.
  • Fern's disintegration parallels Finn's dream after first obtaining the Grass Sword in "Blade of Grass" in which his body was consumed by grass and he disintegrated.
  • The tall willow tree seen in "Graybles 1000+" and "Lemonhope Part 2" is actually from a seed from Fern's remains, grown in place of the destroyed Tree Fort.
  • In the ending sequence, there is a montage of events that follow:
    • The willow tree from Fern's remains grows from the remnants of the Tree Fort.
    • Lady Rainicorn and Jake (in his shapeshifter form) explore a dimension.
    • Lumpy Space Princess is crowned by Lumpy Space Dad and Lumpy Space Mom.
    • Gunter (as the Ice Thing) and Turtle Princess get married.
    • Some Banana Guards, Colonel Candy Corn, Rattleballs, and some Candy People from Gumbaldia watching television in a living room.
    • Some Water Nymphs along with Carroll, now in her water form, and a Sea Lard from the alternate dimension from "Beyond the Grotto."
    • T.V. moving into Joshua and Margaret's old office where he opens his own investigation service, "Detective T.V. Investigations."
    • Sweet P graduating.
    • Princess Bubblegum and Aunt Lolly singing a lullaby to Neddy within the Candy Castle.
    • Simon visiting Prismo in the Time Room where he presumably wishes to bring Betty back, only to have a similar result to when King Man wished to bring Margles back.
    • Jermaine painting a new mural in Lemongrab's quarters. 
    • BMO launching Moe's memory drive from a rocket with help from Banana Man and ALLMO.
    • Shermy and Beth arriving at the tall willow tree in the future.
    • Neptr and Flame Princess rapping.
    • A modded Tiffany in presumably the Badlands.
    • The Jiggler from "The Jiggler" grown up with a suit and suitcase.
    • Crabbit Familiar performing in a theater.
    • Susan and Frieda exploring a town in a boat and encountering Lemonhope.
    • Starchy, Crunchy, Punchy, and Dirt Beer Guy sharing toasts.
    • Tree Trunks offering an apple pie in a crop circle, presumably to her alien family from "High Strangeness."
    • King Man looking at a picture of him and Margles in his office at Mars.
    • Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, Slime Princess, and Flame Princess hanging out.
    • Huntress Wizard meditating.
    • Simon making popcorn with Turtle Princess while Gunter (as the Ice Thing) tells a story to Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Peppermint Butler who is reading about dark magic.
    • Finn and Jake witnessing the arrival of humans (including Finn's Mother) in Ooo from a beach.
  • The final scenes of the series-parallel back to the original animated short.
    • The original short begins with Jake teaching Finn a new song he learned from the internet, and the final scene with Finn is him learning the ending theme from the Music Hole.
    • The final shot of the entire series is Shermy and Beth enacting the title card of the entire series, which was also the very first shot of the entire franchise with the title card of the short.
  • Леди Ливнерог говорит на корейском во сне Джейка следующее:
    • "그래." (Да.)
    • "이런 어두운 지하굴에서는 살살 걸어야 돼." (В такой темной пещере нужно ходить осторожно.)
    • "걱정하지 마, 제이크! 내가 처치할게!" (Не волнуйся, Джейк! Я разберусь с этим!)


Production notes[]

  • Это заключительный эпизод Времени Приключений.
  • The episode features an alternate version of the intro sequence sung by Willow Smith, who also plays Beth in the episode.
  • This episode is the longest episode of the show with a length of 44 minutes.
    • This is also the only single-part episode to be longer than 11 minutes. Some two-part episodes such as "Holly Jolly Secrets" and "The More You Moe, The Moe You Know" were promoted as one episode but are technically two as there are two title card sequences.
  • The episode was promoted with the title "The Ultimate Adventure," instead of using the episode's official name.
  • According to Adam Muto, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's kiss wasn't in the original story outline. The scene's direction was left to Hanna K. Nyström's discretion, as the outline simply said they "have a moment." When the scene was storyboarded, there was a note in the margin simply saying "Come on!" with a large exclamation point.
  • The title of this episode is derived from the Adventure Time ending theme:
Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.


  • Имя "Ashly Burch" в начальных титрах написано неправильно - "Ashley Burch".


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