Wiki Времени Приключений
Wiki Времени Приключений
Жуткие роботы Финны и Джейки
Имя Жуткие роботы Финны и Джейки
Первое появление Выпуск 5
Последнее появление Выпуск 9
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The Creepy Finn & Jake robots were characters that BMO created in Issue 5 for Finn and Jake to do their chores while they went adventuring. As their name implies, BMO based them off Finn and Jake's appearance and made them look creepy, and it updates them to make them look creepier and creepier.

In Issue 7, when Finn and Jake travel to the future, they learn that the robots turned evil when they were caught in the rain one day. After they were driven off, they built an army of evil robots that kept attacking Finn and his friends for fifteen years. Eventually, in Issue 9, the present Finn and Jake traveled back to their time and smashed the evil, creepy robots.

Внешний вид[]

Robot Finn has a rectangular head and body with the same color scheme as his regular clothes. Its arms closely resemble the robotic arm belonging to Farmworld Finn, and its legs are straight metal poles. It has a dome-shaped green backpack and is covered in various rivets and panels.

Robot Jake is cylindrical with a dome-shaped head, resembling a yellow dustbin. It travels using a pair of small black wheels, and has tubular gray arms.

Both robots have grills in place of their mouths. Their eyes are initially blue, but become red after they turn evil.