"Горячо на ощупь"
Сезон 4, Серия 1
Titlecard S4E1 hottothetouch
Код серии: 1008-082
Премьера: 2 апреля 2012 года
Режиссер: Ларри Лэйчлитер
История: Патрик МакХэйл
Кент Осборн
Пендлтон Уорд
Сценарий: Коул Санчез
Ребекка Шугар
"Пять коротких шказок"

"Горячая Штучка" - первый эпизод четвертого сезона Времени приключений.

Краткое описание

Финн пытается доказать Джейку, что Пламенная принцесса не злая, пробуя выиграть ее сердечные повороты в поиске, чтобы удержать ее от сжигания Королевства Гоблинов.


The show begins right after the episode "Incendium" left off with the Flame Princess telling Finn to never mess with her again, slapping him in the face before leaving the treehouse, leaving Finn saying, "I think I have a crush". Jake then explains that he was trying to help Finn get over his "Princess Bubblegum sad times" but then explained that she was evil. Finn became extremely mad at Jake for saying she was evil, and claimed he "peeped beyond her fiery gaze" and that she was, in fact, not evil, just passionate. Finn then convinces Jake to help him look for her.

Jake begins to walk over the forest with Finn on his head, and tries to convince him to date another princess, and even suggests Wildberry Princess as an option. Suddenly a Brown Bird that was set on fire by the Flame Princess flies over them, and angrily directs Finn and Jake to the location of the Flame Princess. Jake then shrinks down and he and Finn start to spy on Flame Princess. They view Flame Princess curiously playing with and burning a few flowers. Finn was so attracted to her by just looking at her that he admitted that she looks like a steam of a puppy's nose searching for ham in the snow. Jake tells him to snap out of it, and that she is burning cute little flowers. Finn, all dazed and in love, simply responds "Yeah. She is like a cute little flower!" The conversation is stopped abruptly when Flame Princess hurts herself by putting her hand in a pond.

Finn blows his cover just to see if Flame Princess is alright and explains how he feels which causes her to glow brighter in excitement. Finn got scared of the fire that Flame Princess produced and he puts it out, and it is revealed that destroying the fire that Flame Princess creates actually causes her physical harm. Finn, alarmed, asks if he his hurting her. She replies "YES! That's all you've DONE!" She gasps and asked if Finn is trying to hurt her, and if that is why he is following her. Finn start to deny it, but says "I guess I AM technically following you..." This upsets Flame Princess and she runs away with Finn following her and he awkwardly says "I guess now I'm technically chasing you!". Jake then chases after Finn, but then the princess burns a tree down and runs away. After Jake puts out the fire, Finn shouts to Flame Princess, saying he wants to talk to her. She then appears and says she's ambushing them, and starts shooting fireballs at them.

The attack does not last long and Finn confuses Flame Princess by trying to compliment her while she is trying to kill them. She asks Finn why is tormenting her. He then tells her that "I'm not trying to, I just like you. I think I… I think I LIKE like you. Listen, when I look at you, my brain goes, all stupid, and I just wanna hug you and sit on the couch, and play BMO with you! I can't explain why, but, I've never felt this way and I think we should be together!" This causes her to blush, and her flames grow. Finn excitedly jumps up and down clapping, but Flame Princess resists and then explains that all Finn has done is hurt her and that she thinks that Finn is trying to impede her, and to take revenge she threatens to transform the Goblin Kingdom into her very own personal fire kingdom. She starts putting the entire field ablaze. Finn tries to convince her not to do it but he and Jake were restrained by a wall of fire. Jake told Finn to fight her but he was still into her. Jake asked him whether being with her or being a hero and saving poor innocent Goblin folks was more important. Finn had no choice but to be a hero. Then Jake informs Finn of his plan to build fire proof suits. Finn and Jake return to their tree house and go into the garage in an attempt to find some raw materials to build their suits. Instead, they find КШР who was playing hide and seek and claims he was hidden for over 15 months, 4 days, and 9 hours. NEPTR then helps build fire-proof suits for Finn and Jake to wear. The suits are huge metal robot-like shells equipped with rockets and foam blasters and NEPTR as a helmet of Finn's suit.

They all fly to the Goblin Kingdom where they try and reason with Flame Princess, but she continues to rampage and tries to attack Finn and Jake, but it doesn't work because the suits are fireproof. Flame Princess yet again shoots another fireball at Finn, but it was deflected and shot at a goblin's cart (where a goblin said that he was born). Jake then attempts to put out some of the fires and injures Flame Princess in the process. Then NEPTR attempts to put out Flame Princess by blasting her with the foam blaster, but Finn manages to stop NEPTR from directly hitting Flame Princess and instead he hits Jake and a few of Flame Princess' flames. Flame Princess then gets extremely angry and proclaims "that is the last time you hurt me" and grows into her beast form and continues to rampage through the Goblin Kingdom. A tear from Flame Princess' right eye is revealed that she was harmed both physically and emotionally.

Finn then literally rips himself out of his own suit (never again wanting to see her getting hurt) and stands on top of it and shouts to Flame Princess. She ignores him, and Finn says he failed everyone. NEPTR says "Creator hasn't failed NEPTR." Finn gives up, because he feels he can never win the heart of anyone. He then begins to cry and some of his tears fall on the flames of Flame Princess and not only hurt her, but catch her attention. Flame Princess comes over and watches Finn cry for a little then stops all her flames from destroying the city. Finn coughs and is surprised to see Flame Princess watching him. She says she thinks she understands now, and that Finn is a Water Elemental because he creates water (tears). Finn tries to explain that he isn't but Flame Princess has trouble understanding the concept of his species and says even if they liked each other, they would only hurt each other. Finn says "No, we don't have to! I can take it, I mean, can we try?" Then she replies "You would defy nature for me?" And Finn says, "Yeah, whatevs," then the Flame Princess hugs Finn, and he gets burned and begins to tear up again. Flame Princess says goodbye and leaves in a trail of flames towards what seems to either be the desert or just a simple sunrise. Jake then goes over to Finn and tells him that all of the goblins were "barbequed," but was just messing with him, and then reported that he saved all the goblins and asked how things went with Flame Princess. Finn tells Jake "She hugged me, then left." Jake replies, "Whoa, how did it feel?" and Finn ends the episode smiling with the line, "It hurt."


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Интересные факты

  • The music from the title card plays when Finn and Flame Princess attempt to hug.
  • The Title card is Finn standing infront of the Enraged Flame Princess in the (Possible) Goblin Kingdom, but this is not relevant to the episode, as Flame Princess is seen to be grinning in the title card.
  • The music when Finn starts crying is identical to music from the Flower Path from "Dad's Dungeon".
  • At the end of "The Silent King," Finn (formally) continues being the king of the Goblin Kingdom. However, in this episode, the Goblins didn't acknowledge him.
  • In the original storyboards, Flame Princess was supposed to kiss Finn. They decided to make them hug.
  • When Flame Princess was throwing fireballs at Finn and Jake, Jake didn't have a helmet like Finn did and yet did not get burned by the flames. However, his face got covered with black powder as a result of being hit by fire balls.
  • On one of the arms of Finn's fireproof suit, there is a painting of a rainbow.
  • The fact that the Flame Princess calls Finn a water elemental makes sense, since humans are mostly made of water.
  • Right after the scene when Finn and Jake arrived at the Goblin Kingdom, Flame Princess is firing up the Goblin Kingdom. If look closer, one of the running goblins vanishes when coming in contact with Flame Princess's flame.

Cultural references

  • Finn's fire proof suit is similar to a suit used by Marvel superhero Iron Man, with NEPTR acting as an AI such as modern rendition of Jarvis.
  • Among the junk in the background in Finn's garage is what appears to be a magazine titled "Satan" with devil's horns hands on the cover.

Episode connections

  • This is the first time NEPTR sings. His song is "Working For The Master." This is also the first appearance of NEPTR since season 1 and his second appearance overall.
  • When Jake found NEPTR, NEPTR claimed he was a "hide-and-seek-champion." Apparently Finn, Jake, and NEPTR were playing hide-and-seek, and Jake was it.
  • NEPTR was left alone and forgotten for 15 months, 4 days, and 9 hours (amount of time since his last appearance in "What is Life?") which may be why viewers have not seen him in a while.


  • A goblin said that he was born in a cart, but in "The Silent King," Finn and Jake were shown the Goblin Birthing pits where he would technically be born. That's not to say that the cart couldn't have been in the pit. Or maybe it’s some sort of "re-birth" pit as the goblin in there sounded quite old.
  • Flame Princess's slap mark looked a little lighter and unusually disappeared quickly in this episode.
  • В эпизоде Шкаф Марселины, Финн и Джейк играли в Охоту Облака вместо пряток. Но в этом эпизоде, Ропокоп утверждает, что Финн и Джейк играли с ним в прятки.

Особенности выпуска

  • Этот эпизод был украден и выложен на YouTube 11 марта 2012 года. Оригинальное видео было удалено с YouTube в связи с нарушением авторских прав Cartoon Network Incorporated, но множество нелегальных копий можно было найти в интернете. Некоторые до сих пор загружают видео на YouTube.
  • Это четвертый самый просматриваемый эпизод после "Тихо сгорая", "Фионна и Кейк" и "Прелестные завоеватели."



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