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Wiki Времени Приключений
Выпуск 11
Adventure Time 11 cover A
Дата: 19 декабря 2012 года
Сюжет: Райан Норт
Рисунок: Шелли Пэролайн
Брейден Лэмб
Леттеринг: Стив Вендс
Издатель: BOOM! Studios
Выпуск 10
Выпуск 12
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Adventure Time Issue 11 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book series. It is part one of a four-part arc featuring Ewlbo.


BRAND NEW ARC! PERFECT JUMPING ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in the latest of their totally math adventures! Get on board for what critics are calling "the best series of 2012"!


Finn, Jake, and BMO are are watching a movie called "Blood Drive" when Marceline comes over to play video games. An excited BMO brings out an old game called "Super Guts Punch 3", and since Marceline is there BMO decides to allow them to go into his Main Brain Game Frame.

After they enter the game they land in a throne room with the prince locked in a cage. Finn remembers an article about the game in an old magazine and figures out they have to press a secret floor tile and they are then shrunken down and swallowed by the prince. After escaping the prince's stomach acid, they find out all the game's bosses and enemies are much easier to defeat than they should be. After defeating the final boss with one hit, the game begins to dissolve and the words "CRACKED AND HACKED BY EWLBO" "GREETS 2 THE OTHER" "==SoFTWARE WiZARDZ==" appear and then our heroes are released from the game wondering who "Ewlbo" is.

Once they are back in the real world, they find that BMO's personality is far more aggressive than before. Marceline deduces that "Ewlbo" has hacked BMO and infected it with a computer virus.


Главные герои[]

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • BMO
  • Marceline

Второстепенные персонажи[]

  • The prince
  • Business Men

Упоминаемые персонажи[]

  • Ewlbo

Интересные факты[]

  • Issue 11 was recalled from shelves of comic stores for "offensive material," and is being reprinted and reissued. The reason behind the recall was an inappropriate hand gesture in a "Bravest Warriors" advertisement, which was removed from future printings.
  • There are four encoded messages from BMO in this issue. A Python script which explains the encoding and can decode these messages is available at this site.

Закодированные сообщения[]

If you'd like a hint decoding the messages, here are a few! Read as many as you need!

  1. How many possible combinations of the letters B M and O are there? Does that number seem familiar?
  2. Is there a combination of those letters that doesn't appear in the messages?
  3. What letter do you think the combination "BMO" might be?
  4. What's the most common letter in the alphabet?



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