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Wiki Времени Приключений
Бездонный Мешок
Bag of Holdings
Название Бездонный Мешок
Тип Магический мешок
Владелец Лич
Вместительность Большая
Первое появление Выпуск 1
Последнее появление Выпуск 4
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Бездонный Мешок (англ. The Bag of Holding) — это волшебный предмет, внутри которого может вместится всё в мире. Он способен засасывать внутрь себя всё окружающее. The Snail freed The Lich from the bag, and began to use it to destroy everything on the planet. The bag can pull in very deep parts of the ground. The path it leaves is a deep and narrow canyon, as it even pulled out ancient layers of Earth with dinosaur fossils and mammal skulls. The bag appears to stop absorbing things when no one is using it. Finn, Jake, Ice King, and the entire Candy Kingdom end up getting sucked into the bag. Finn and Jake meet Desert Princess inside it. The bag transports things and people into random locations in it, but Finn and Jake stayed together because they were in "Jake Suit mode".

The bag was destroyed by Jake when he used a hole they'd made at the bottom of the sack to loop round and tear it open, releasing everything it took in.

Внешний вид[]

The bag of holding appears to be a violet pouch with a yellow rope to hold and to close the bag together.

The inside of the bag is wide and high, however the bottom of the sack can be reached.