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Winter Wonder World
Winter Wonder World
Nom VO Winter Wonder World
Interprète Brian David Gilbert
Compositeur Patrick McHale
Joshua Kauffman
Durée 2:10
Joué dans ""The Winter King (VO)""

Winter Wonder World est une chanson écrite par Patrick McHale et Joshua Kauffman et interprété par Brian David Gilbert diffusé dans l'épisode d'Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake: "The Winter King (VO)". La chanson est chantée par le Roi de l'hiver, elle évoque la façon dont il a conquis le pouvoir de la Couronne du Roi des Glaces en réponse à la question de Simon Petrikov.

Il s'agit de la 9ème piste de l'album: "Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake - Season 1 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series)".


Winter King: I was once just like you
Didn’t know what to do
Had all those bad feelings and schemes
My poor heart in a chill
Till through sheer force of will
I was able to fashion my dreams
And build this winter wonder world
Full of pine-scented trees and a fine menagerie
We can skate on the ice
In a frozen winter paradise
Under icicles that gleam
And a snowball fight for you and for me
Simon: But how did you do it? It's so hard to resist the crown's power and do something really wonderful.
Winter King: Hard? Ha! Come now, making something wonderful is as easy as....

manifesting your own reality.
And I conquered the crown
Nigh a hundred years ago, by now
Despite the impossibility
And perhaps, yes perhaps
I can show you how
But for now

Let us go
To and fro
On a sleigh ride in the snow
Making fond rosy-cheeked memories
See the soft snowflakes swirl
In my winter wonder world
In my winter wonder world