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Elementals Reunion
Localisation Terre
Première apparition Verolive
Dernière apparition Donnons-nous la main

Les Élémentaires sont des êtres incarnant les quatre éléments: le feu, la glace, le bonbon et l'élément baveux. Il existe un anti-élément, qui représente le peuple Grumeleux.


D'après Patience St. Pim, depuis le début de la vie sur Terre, il y eu des êtres incarnant les éléments. Depuis des milliards d'années, ils ont vécus, sont morts puis réincarnés.


A l'époque des dinosaures, un élémentaire de glace nommé Urgence Verolive créa une couronne magique pouvant exaucer n'importe quel vœu afin de détruire une comète arrivant rapidement. Il appela les autres élémentaires pour les convaincre d'utiliser le pouvoir de sa nouvelle création. The three other magical beings refuse as they see a flaw in Evergreen's plan if his true wish is not the destruction of the comet. This forces Evergreen to freeze his fellow elementals before seeking out three magical rubies which happen to be the eyes of a fearsome magma beast in order to power the crown. Evergreen is joined in his quest by his hopeful apprentice Gunther, a mutated therapod dinosaur who is more like a slave than an assistant.

During the fight between the magma beast, Evergreen is nearly killed, but Gunther manages to distract the creature, allowing Evergreen to defeat it and secure the rubies. Despite this victory, he berates Gunther for not staying outside as instructed. In Evergreen's lab, the crown is completed with Evergreen adding a bonding spell so that the mind of the first possessor would be forever imprinted on the crown. But before he could use it, the blinded magma beast bursts into the room and Evergreen ends up incapacitated from part of the structure collapsing as the comet approaches. Evergreen is left with no choice but to have Gunther use the crown in his place and have him wish for the comet's destruction, but once the crown is placed on Gunther's head, it reacts to the apprentice's desire to be like Evergreen. Gunther turns into a miniature version of Evergreen, and begins shouting, "Gunther, no!" This is due to the crown reacting to how he perceived Evergreen to be: a man who uses ice magic and is always ordering Gunther around. Evergreen tries in vain to tell Gunther how to block the magic of the crown but realizes too late that he never bothered to teach his mistreated apprentice any magic. The comet impacts the world, presumably killing both Gunther and Evergreen.

Avant la Guerre des Champignons[]

The elementals of this era occasionally gather and experience visions of the impending apocalypse. Much like Evergreen before her, Patience St. Pim, the ice elemental, refused to accept their fate and attempted to convince the others to let her freeze them and wait out the cataclysm. When the others refused, Patience froze herself, indeed surviving while the other elementals perished.


Patience St. Pim is discovered by Finn, Jake and Ice King, frozen in a boat below Ice King's castle. She freezes Finn and Jake and instructs Ice King to reunite the current incarnations of the elements — Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum and Slime Princess. Revealing their shared elemental status and powers, Patience attempts to join forces with the princesses, but they show little interest. Escaping from her clutches, Patience insists that she will make her presence known throughout the land.

Patience soon manages to unlock the full potential of the elementals with a magical spell. This works too well however, not just awakening their elemental powers but causing the princesses to be consumed by them. Bubblegum becomes a large candy being with a saccharine disposition; Patience becomes depressed and unmotivated by her failure in a dark region of ice; Slime Princess becomes a giant partying blob who assimilated other slime people into her body and Flame Princess becomes a huge dragon that desires nothing but violence. The elementals divide the world into four regions, one for each, and transform all the inhabitants into elemental versions with distorted personalities. After obtaining the magical jewels that belong to the princesses, Finn manages to reverse the spell with the help of Lumpy Space Princess, the newly discovered anti-elemental, who used her powers to restore elemental balance and turn everyone to their true selves.



The Elementals are powerful magical beings who live on Earth and each represent one of the aforementioned elements. They possess the power to generate and shape their own element in a variety of ways. However, their powers are limited by how much magic is in the world; before the Mushroom War, the elementals' powers were limited in the almost completely non-magic world as opposed to modern-day Ooo. Whenever an Elemental dies, their soul is reincarnated into a new body, meaning that there is almost always a living representative for each element at any one time. The Elementals can occasionally make contact with their past lives.

The fifth element, lumps, behaves as an "anti-element", and also has an associated Elemental to embody it. According to the Queen of Lumpy Space, Lumps are the subspace molecular lattice that binds together the scientific and magical forces of Ooo. More powerful than any one element, it's the force that orders reality into its true shape.

Dans leurs formes la plus puissante, les Élémentaires peuvent altérer leurs environs avec leurs éléments, ce qui inclus les gens y compris d'autres Élémentaires. Le Peuple Bonbon devient mielleux au point que ça en devient flippant. Le Peuple de Glace devient reclus. Le Peuple Baveux ne pense qu'à s'amuser et convertir les autres en Baveux. Et le Peuple Flamme devient belliqueux. Les Élémentaires Grumeleux sont égocentriques et souhaitent être reconnu comme un vrai élément.

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