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This Weeks Weekly Post

Hey MO MO is back! The Wiki has been fruitful this past week. We’ve had the new “Favorites Week” created by yours truly and we have had some out of this OOO Reviews! Now, since there isn’t much else to report on I wanted to leave you all with this..... A STEAM PUNK MOE 🙌🏻

Note: I do not take credit in any way this is by a completely different and talented artist, this just happens to be one of my favorite BMO arts! 💖

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The Limit

*A tiny disclaimer*

The reason I am writing this instead of the original claimer is that the original claimer did not post their review today so I've decided to step up and write the reveiw in place of them. Anyways, lets get into reviewing "The Limit"!

"The Limit" is the twenty-second episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It is the forty-eighth episode overall. This episode includes the character introduction of the APTWE, a really rad maze, hot dog knights, and one evil snake-like mud serpent that happens to grant wishes that have a dark twist behind them.

==Opinion Time==

"The Limit" definitely classifies as a season 2 AT episode, in my opinion. The plot line was cool and a bit edgy but that's all it was, I think the AT crew just meant for this episode to be "just a fun episode." This is one of the only appearances of APWE makes in the show (his major appearance is in the episode Something Big"). Personally, I felt so bad for Jake's inside because they were being completely stretched out and the scorpions stings didn't help much either. Overall "The Limit" is just a fun/chill episode and receives an 7/10 for is weaker-ended plot line, character introductions, and overall vibe.🐍🐘

For the Rules of conduct for the AT Marathon re-watch

Click here

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Favorites Week- Episodes

This favorites week post is going to be discussing our favorite episodes! For tomorrows post we will be talking about our favorite characters so get brainstorming!

My top 10 are (in seasonal order):

Rainyday Day Dream

Mortal Folly


I remember You

Card Wars

Simon and Marcy

Up a Tree

All the Little People

Jake the Brick

The Cooler

Dark Purple

The Hoot

Bonnie and Neddy

Varmints (absolute favorite)

Take Her Back

Bad Jubies

Broke His Crown


Mysterious Island

imaginary resources

Sky Hooks

Slime Central

Bonnibel Bubblegum

Marcy & Hunson

Come Along With Me

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I Have To Apologize!

I have to apologize deeply for the embarrassing long delay of my Season One Tribute!
As "punishment" for that, I pay with my blood!
At first I meant this as a joke! Until I realized my pinky was bleeding a little! Marcy demanded my blood! So ironically this is real blood on the edges of the drawing!!
I hope it looks ok!

It is actually a sequel to my very first fanart, which I've posted here!
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Happy Valentines

Weather single or taken you’ll always have moe.....

Love, Bmoisawsome 💘

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Belly of the Beast

Belly of The Beast is a fun season 2 episode. The episode starts off with Finn and Jake “dreaming”, as the duo walks outside they see a huge monster eating trees. Considering we’re talking about F & J of course they try and have some fun with the big hairy beast. Next thing you know the find out that there is some one (bear) is screaming for help in the monsters belly. Finn and Jake go though the beasts mouth which in itself grosses Jake out and they finally stumble on no other than streamer bear. Streamer Bear than leads F and J through they monsters gut into the bears’ “party house”. Finn and Jake are kind of shocked to see a clain of bears parting in a monsters belly, they figure if the monster isn’t eating volcanoes full of lava the bears should be okay. But low and behold the beast does just that, Finn and Jake are worried at this time and go and warn the bears. The bears to focused on partying doesn't even listen to Finn’s plea he tells them to go see the chief.....Party Pat. After partying and seeing Pats third eye the two plead to PP that the bears have to evacuate immediately, Pary Pat is reluctant to see the danger. To convince Pat and the bears Finn and Jake go on stage and sing a really sad song, this saddens the bears but gets their attention. The bears realize the danger and they have to exit through the.....”dark hole”. The bears and Pat are all bandaged up and came out okay but are all sad that they lost “their place of grinding”. The episode comes to a conclusion that of whitch if the bears promise to only party with harmless lasers than the beast will let them back in his “party gut”

==Opinion Time==

Belly of the Beast is just a fun episode, it doesn't nessasarally have a continuous plot line but it does add some fun and color to the second season. I honestly loved the bears and Party Pat in this one, their designs were adorable and fit AT style very well. My favorite scene is when Finn and Jake find Party Pat siting on the beasts heat and calling it a “waterbed”, that scene always gets me, I feel like only the Adventure Time crew could come up with such an idea. Overall “Belly of the Beast” was just a fun season 2 episode it gets a 6/10 rating for is comedy with bears, character introduction, coloring, and bear designs. 🐻 🎉

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Favorites Week- Songs

For our second installment of Favorites Week we will be discussing our favorite songs! Tomorrow’s post will be about our favorite episodes, so get brainstorming!

My top 10 favorite songs are:

”My Best Friends in the World” 🌎

”The Fry Song” 🍟

”Francis Forever”🎸

“According To Our New Arrival”💼

”Time Adventure” 🐝

”Island Song” 🏝

“Everything Stays” 🌿

“No Wonder I” 👖

“I Remember You” 🧠

“Slow Dance With You” 💃🏻

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I haven’t been active recently but it’s because I’ve been really busy and I will try to respond more 👍🙃
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So hi! Me again...

It's been a week or two I guess since my last vector art post. Sorry for the long wait but here it is, Ice King vector art. I am actually having a trouble doing vectors recently coz I got some lappy problems, but anyway, here it is! Hope y'all like it😉

Here's the link if you want to have your own copy of the picture:

Hope y'all have a MOO RIFIC day!


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Favorites Week- Title Cards

Hey guys! So today is the day of “Favorites Week” we will be discussing our favorite AT Title Cards! Favorites Week continues tomorrow with your favorite songs, get brainstorming! Now for me personally I have sooo many but to narrow it down my top 10 are: (In seasonal order) “Rainy Day Daydream” “Loyalty to the King” “The Creeps” “Card Wars” “Simon & Marcy” “Thanks for the Crabapples Gusippiie” (weird choice I know 😂) “Varmits” (also happens to be my favorite episode) “Take Her Back” “Elemental” “Skyhooks”
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Adventure Time Season 2 is about to take off! Now we have the 20th season 2 episode which is entitled "Go With Me".

This episode starts with Finn and Jake talking about couples night. Then Jake said you can't go to the movies without bringing someone you can "smoodge" with. So Finn decided to call Princess Bubblegum and ask her if she wants to go to the movies with him but sadly, PB rejected his offer because she is practicing for the whistle choir competition. Then, Jake has a plan to make PB jealous by asking Marceline's assistance. So the three headed to the candy kingdom and do as Jake planned but it didn't turn out the way Finn expect it. Then here comes Marceline suggesting that Jake's ways are lame. So she created a plan that Finn actually agrees and likes. So what happened is Finn chose Marceline's suggestions rather than Jake's, then Jake exits the scene. Now here comes the hilarious moments like wrestling, and being chased by wolves, but only ended by Finn being forbidden to enter the candy kingdom. Then Marceline and Finn had a short and deep talk and Marcy left the scene. Then Finn realize it was Marcy all along. So he decided to ask Marceline to go with him but Marcy misunderstands him so theres a little bit conflict happened but ended up the two together at the couple's night. But by Finn's disgust, the two decided to crash the movie's night.


this episode really is one of my favorite episodes ever! It has the hilarious scenes and stuffs🤣 this episode shows how still innocent Finn is. It's also the first time we get to see Jake and Marceline together as well as it's the first time on screen we got to see Marcy and PB talking to each other. Also in here we got to learn PB's first name which is Bonnibel, from Marceline of course. Now this episode actually shows that there is something odd between the two because in this episode, the time PB and Marcy talk to each other, there is a cold and negative atmosphere. Now going back to Finn and Marcy, I really find everything about this episode cute and hilarious. It totally made me laugh up to 100 percent of my energy.

This episode got 10/10 from me💖

Comment down if you want to claim the next episode 😉


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Mystery Train

Mystery Train is the 19th episode of season two of adventure time. The episode is about Finn solving a murder mystery on a train during his birthday.


I love this episode. It really shows how innocent finn was in the early seasons. I also enjoy it's premise, probs because I love mysterys so much. It also has a really good mystery, and a radical twist. Mystery Train is also very funny, like most of season two. I love the part where jake "dies" or Finns horrible detective skills. Overall I give this episode an 8/10
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Adventure time is BACK! I can't believe it. 7-8 pm
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Favorites from Adventure Time

Hi guys! So, I thought of this cool idea called "Favorites Week". Favorites Week would be every month from the 13th day of the month to the 19th day of the month and obviously it would be talking about our favorites form AT! Those AT favorites would include: favorite songs, favorite characters, favorite episodes, favorite title cards, favorite moments, and favorites AT fan art! The purpose of this being sort of a monthly thing is that we can come together and share our thoughts if our opinions changed, for example say if one month your favorite episode is "Seventeen" but than the next month you re-watch "Simon and Marcy" BAM you got yourself a new favorite! Now, the first post is going to be about your favorite tile carts, so get brainstorming!🎉

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Favorite AT moment

Do you guys have a favorite AT from an episode? Mine personally is Neptr’s rap in “Hot to the touch”, I find it hilarious and catchy and I love the background music. I also love when Finn sits on the steps when PB is on the balcony above him and he says “Go up the wizard steps” it gave me chills and I love the music as well. What about you guys?
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• 2/11/2019

Susan Strong

"Susan Strong" is the 18th episode of the second season.

This episode introduces us to Susan, the leader of an underground tribe of what appears to be humans. Through Finn Susan learns the virtues of life on the surface and lets go of her fears from the many years spent living underground. This revelation however ends up taking a wrong turn as Susan invites the rest of her tribe to devour Candy Kingdom.

~~Opinion Time~~
What a perfect introduction to the icon of a character Susan. Everything about the way Finn discovered her and how well they got along just strikes as heartwarming to me. I bet this episode must've sparked a lot of theories about Susan's origin when it first aired. Thank you to the directors for covering up all the loose ends of Susan before AT ended. It's likely a mere coincidence that PB brought up Finn being the only remaining human before he found Susan, there is also a possibility that PB knew beforehand a tribe of presumable humans had moved into the place underneath the land owned by her.
Who knows maybe PB let him discover Susan to relieve him of the knowledge of being the only human left. It was a great twist at the end finding out the tribe was actually "Hyoomans" living in guises. I bet Finn must've been really disappointed at this moment, little did he know there's an entire island filled with humans far away soon to be discovered...
I rate this episode 8.5/10 as it perfectly captures Finn's emotions as he is faced with something that hits close to home.
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• 2/11/2019

Help me please :)

I'm doing the whole ooo map, I need to be told what places to add, they would help me a lot, thank you
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• 2/11/2019

Need your help!!!

So guys in beginning of the episode “Go with me”, there is soothing beautiful music that plays as the episode begins. Is there any way I could find the full song and listen to it? If you would like to see for yourself, just look up the episode and listen. Thanks guys!
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• 2/10/2019

RPG Update

I've finished the prefiguring of the map for the game! Now your creativity is asked!
I need your ideas for playable and enemy species!! And infos, where all the other important locations are!!
Thank you! I hope you like it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!😄
Have an adventurous day!
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